Monday, 4 March 2019

This is My First Write Up

1. How has your day been so far?
>> It has been normal, just like everyday. I get up in morning, fresh up, have breakfast and later start the
office. As usual the work in the office keep me busy.
2. Why did you take your respective subject?
>> I teach computer science. When I was younger, whenever I see a computer, I become very curious to
know how it works. Computer has always inspired me that's why I took computer science in collage.
3. How was your teaching experience so far?
>> I have been teaching computer science for last two years. It has been a great experience. Knowing
that some of the students are as interested in computer science make teaching them worthwhile.
4. How many students have you being teaching?
>> I have taught many students since the day I started teaching. It will be hard to put a number on it.
Currently, I teach about 30 students in a class.
5. How do you motivate the students to help them gain interest in your subject?
>> First I will starts with the importance of computer science and how it is able to secure a better career.
for them. In this day and age you need computer and computer experts in any type of work. So learning
how to operate a computer with efficiency will help in securing a good job.
6. How do you make it easier for student to understand a conceptually difficult solution?
>> First I split the difficult solution into parts, and explain each part thoroughly until the student
understands. I will also teach them the practical use of the solution so that they could remember.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

How to change the font in google chrome?

How to change the font in google chrome?

Steps to Change Font in Google Chrome are as follows:
  • Go to the Setting section of google chrome.
  • Scroll down and Click on Customize fonts written in a bar.
  • Change Font Size, Standard Font, and whatever you want to change in a font.
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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Laravel 5.8 with new features

Laravel 5.8 is Released

Now Laravel 5.8 is available to everyone. Laravel 5.8 some new features and have some latest bug fixes, and it is also an improvement in the core of the framework.

There are some new features are as follows:

PHP dotenv

PHP dotenv 3.0 with Laravel 5.8 get integrated and there are some new features through PHP dotenv 3.0 as follows:
  • There is first-class support for multi-line variables.
  • You will get the value exactly in the real form, no more trimming of value is required.
  • More flexibility in term of which parts of the environment we try to read and modify.
  • To avoid silent features or obscure errors included strong validation of variable name.
  • Accept a list of paths to try in order looking for the dotenv file, rather than a single path.
If you want to know more full details about PHP dotent 3.0 released article, please click.

Carbon v2

Laravel 5.8 has is capable of using, CarbonImmutable and also we can make CarbonImmutable the default. You can learn more from Laravel news writeup Carbon update Comming to Laravel 5.8.

Cache TTL Changes

A significant change that might have a moderate to high impact is the Cache TTL ChangesComming to Laravel 5.8.

Deprecated String and Array Helpers

In Laravel 5.8, the global string and array helpers are deprecated. Learn more: Laravel 5.8 Deprecates String and Array Helpers.

Automatic Policy Resolution

In Laravel 5.8, as long as policies and modules are in conventional locations, you will not need to register in the AuthServiceProvider class.
Learn more: Automatic Policy Resolution is coming to Laravel 5.8.

Nexmo and Slack Notification Channels

Likelihood of Impact is High. The Nexmo and Slack Notification Channels have been extracted into first-party packages. Learn more: Nexmo and Slack Notification Channels

Blade Template File Path

Compiled blade templates in Laravel 5.8 will include the blade template path thanks to the contribution from Olga Strizhenko (@bxixilu) of JetBrains. Learn More: Blade Template File Path

Markdown File Directory Change

Likelihood of Impact is High. Learn More: Markdown File Directory Change

Laravel 5.7 will receive the security updates until August 2019.

Laravel 5.8 is the latest stable version and it is going to receive bug fixes and updates up to August 2019, and security updates until about February 2020.

Official documentation is available on Laravels official website
To upgrade Laravel 5.7 to Laravel 5.8 go to the link upgrade guide.

Please read carefully the upgrade guide and make sure you must have a backup of your project before upgrading from Laravel 5.7 to Laravel 5.8.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Exporting MySQL databases and tables using phpMyAdmin

Export the database from MySql database.  

First, go to phpmyadmin, select a database.
Now go to export and scroll down and click on go.
You can also select custom export of the database.

Exporting MySQL databases::

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How to drop a database in MySQL database?

How to drop a database in MySQL database? 

or  How to delete the database from MySQL?

First, open phpmyadmin and click on database.
Go and check your database.
Scroll down and click on the drop.
A pop-up box will appear to click ok.
You will successfully delete the data by this method.

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